Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The land of flies.

Oh, let's get back to the header later on. 

Well, have been wanting to write this post since, hmmm, last Wednesday? 
But work started piling up; even play started piling up. 
There were just no time to just sit, relax and ... blog. 

Last weekend was awesome, really. 
An impromptu Zouk Friday with my ladies! 
Never been that mad in a long time.
Going home at 11pm after jogging, thinking only about having a nice warm shower and diving into my nice comfortable bed; receiving a What's App from Aubrey few minutes later saying, " Babe! Zouk tonight! Gonna be there around 2! "
And then things got a litttttllleeeeeeeee tempting.
Oh well, an hour later, here we GOOOOO! 

Arrived in Zouk at whattt, 2 am? 
Met up with my cousin, of course, cause I'll hardly ever party with him since he's in Sydney and only back to KL for holidays. Met his friends, had some shots and whiskey. As he walked away from the table to the bar to get more drinks, came the awkward moment. 

his friend: Hi, urm, don't stand. Have a seat. 
Me: Hi, oh sure. 
his friend: So, urm, where you from? 
Me: Hey, just to clarify, I am NOT some-random-girl-he-picked-up-at-the-club. I'm his cousin.
his friend: OH! You're his cousin! Hellooooo! I'm his high school friend. Known him for too long! 
Me: *raises eyebrow*
his friend: Yes, okay fine. We thought you were some random girl he picked up at the club. So what's up! 

See what I mean, shit happens and awkward much!
On a brighter note, they were much friendlier after that. 
Oh, here's my cousin and I. 

Later that night, bumped into other unexpected friends as well! Surprise surprise, it is Zouk anyway! Taaa-daaaahhhh! Here's Salllllllyyyyyyy! 

And she then brought me to meet these 2 monkeys! Oops, correction. 1 monkey, Kevan and his hot babe, Khing Wei! 

But best of all, it's maaa ladies I'm talking abouttttt: Rach, Drey and Brey! Oh and Estee too!

Oh well, that pretty much sums up about everything on Friday night. But it was fun, Fun, FUN<3 GNO soon kay ladies?

Saturday night was Sportville's 2 years anniversary. And yeap, I randomly decided to go since I've never been there for like years? Fine, months? 
And MAN, I met people whom I haven't seen in a million years and how they have CHANGED. 
Sai Ho should know exactly who I'm talking about. 
Face = still cute and handsome, but, let's just stay as that. 

And YAY!! 
Euro has finally begun! 
But I'm confused. 
England OR Spain? 
Oh well, England won't even qualify for Quarterfinals right?
To hell with it!
 *I still love you England!*

Back to the header, here I am sitting in hotel room in the Land of Flies, Lumut. 
Here for work, but at least good food, good hotel, good view, good company. 
I could not ask for more.

Oh, and CPA results are gonna be out this Friday! 
Whoever who reads this, wish me luck please? 
*Although I don't count on it as the blog has been dead for almost 2 years now*
BUT, I really need it.  

Oh Wednesday, here I come. 
Goodnight World. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Come on, skinny love.

Complicated, yes it is. 

Weekend started non-alcoholically well - watched Snow White and the huntsmen with the gang. Movie - Good, Main Actress - Speechless, in a bad way. Kirsten Stewart as Snow White is a bloody no no. For the whole 2 hours, I do not recall Snow White smiling even just once. But, oh well, there was Thor and there was Thor as the huntsmen. So, all is good. :) But I really don't remember that Snow White was supposed to be woken up by her true love's kiss. Thought it was only applicable to Sleeping Beauty. Failed childhood, I have. Either that or my brains are messed up. 

Haven't visited the land of lala-ness in a while, but got dragged there by Dickie on Saturday. Says everyone, I blend in well but I beg to differ. I highly and truly believe that my hair colour is unremarkably normal. So, stop it people. Bought Mo something which represented him completely. Taaa-daaahhhh! 

And yes, he placed him at the center back seat and strapped him on in his new white, sexy Forte. Sho cuteee! 

And it was to dinner at Watami, Paradigm Mall at night for Mo's birthday and then to Beer Hive, SS2 mall for drinks. Look how cute the birthday cake was! 

Purchased from Delectables, the only cake shop available in Paradigm Mall. Apparently, everything was edible including the flowers. 

Me: Shop owner said the flowers are edible as well! 
Yap: Your head-lah! You eat and see. 
Me: That was what she said! Bringg here! *plucked out a few petals and started munching*
Yap: So? What does it taste like? 
Me: Erm, taste like ... flower? 
Yap: WTF, like duhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *chuckles*
Me: -_-

But really, I was stupid enough to taste, eat and swallow it. Edible? I don't know, really. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday our one and only Prom King! 

Love you long time. XD

Left Beer Hive and met up with the other gang in e-Library. For a bar, they are actually pretty equipped - live music, pool table, darts machines, and even daytona machines. Oh well, whatever happened next was history. Just a sneak peek from Saturday night! 

Surprisingly, the three of us (with the double Jays) can still hike on Sunday morning - like literally, 10am in the morning. Visited FRIM for the first time and man, I can still feel the alcohol from last night calling out my name every step I climbed. But when greens and fresh, cool air take over all your senses, nothing will ever feel better. The mind wanders off to far away places, far away from where you belong, dreaming of the unreachable, living in a magical world. Ahhh, life. 

Well, another 4 days to the weekend. Happy Monday, peepos! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

The past, the present and the future.

Sitting here in the cold, cold room, wrapped around in my pink knitted scarf, reading back old blog posts. How long has it been? 2 years? 3 years?

It’s been so long, since I’ve last set foot in this blog, and when I actually did, I’ve spent an hour or two reading back all and I mean ALL blog posts since the beginning of 2009. Countless events took place; joyous moments, memorable bits and pieces, emotional stages came and passed. Significant changes befell; family, friends, life. Question is, have I changed?

In 2009 - Everything was as simple as ABC. Lived life the way it should be lived and honestly, no regrets at all. I do miss all friends and family who used to be in Brisbane in 2009. Even, you. You’ve been a great friend, nonetheless. I still remember the moments when we all had our L4D sessions in the kitchen during the first half of the year, the moments when everything was uplifted and crazed, the first time I set foot in a club in Brisbane, in which I visited almost every weekend after, how I’ve visited Sydney in July and received a “OMG, you’re so fat!” remark from my dear sister and how I’ve visited Sydney again in December and got welcomed with a “hey, you’ve slimmed down and back to normal!” remark instead. My, my, it’s been 3 years but every moment is and always will be remembered throughout my journey of life.

In 2010 - The year in which was initially planned for my Masters in Queensland University of Technology (QUT), but I have decided to come back home. Now the question is, did I make the right choice? The hassle of flying back to Brisbane to pack up, settling the 70% refund of tuition fees, finding a replacement for the place I have rented, moving my belongings from one place to another; I waved goodbye to the land down under. Then began my torturous life of a working adult.

In 2011 - The year when life took a turning point and became as complicated as ever. Funny thing though, I found friends, true friends at times and in places in which I have never thought I could find. The saying goes, “A true friend is someone who thinks that you’re a good egg, even though they know you’re slightly cracked.” Well in my case, “slightly” would have been an understatement. Yet, they were there and fortunately, still here with me until today.

In 2012 - Still in a mess, but catching up fine. A year filled with travel arrangements for work and play is a year of joy and pleasure; Bangkok with boyfriend to start off the year, Philippines in the midyear to spice things up, Melbourne-Sydney in November to kick ass, and looking to end the year with ZoukOut in Singapore. If things happen as planned, it would be an amazing year.

But I do wonder sometimes, is it a colourful rainbow I’m walking towards, or is it a rainbow shadowed by dark clouds meant for deceiving?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Facebook Texas Hold'em?

We're playing the new version of Poker.

The Screwed Face Texas Hold'em @ Ampang.

This will give you an idea on what that is.


And oh, the guys couldn't care less about their images and attempted to imitate him.
But i guess, nobody can be as natural as he is huh?

Told you so.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three years and forever.

Has been three months since i last blogged,
and what?
I'm sitting here in Blitzone blogging the shit outta blogspot.

3 months,
and so many things happened.

What is wrong with the world?

I've already graduated.
But went through so much stress and lost so much tears along the way.
Seriously, I would have needed to return to UQ to finish up my last subject if I would have failed my Corp Fin.
But right now, i need not to, and i'm certainly happy about it.

Life is full of surprises.

And when i wanted to give up in life,
friends came and talked me through it.
They gave me inspiration and advices,
and guided me through my downs.
Family members were so worried about me,
they loved and cared for me so much.
When i thought i lost everything,
i gained back everything else.

Life is full of surprises.

Right now, i'm back in Malaysia.
And boy do i love it back here!
The food, the company,
and most importantly,
the Love.

Life is full of surprises.


Well, at least my life is.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's been nearly a year.

And i have to admit,
nothing would have been better throughout these months.

Yes, when i was back home in February,
i was dreading to come here to Brisbane.
I even had the thought of finishing my studies back home,
because all i wanted to do was to stay back home for, well, all of you know what reason.
But did i has the least bit regret of coming here?


I had the time of my life here.

Well, i can't say that there are much to do here.
But the weather's been great,
and what's most important, the company's been really really good.
Or should i say, the BEST. :)

I came here in February.
Know no one except for the miserable Terence, John, FungKeng, and Chris.
*Heehee, i'm joking. *
You guys were the BEST, and of course, still are! :)
*Love you guys*

Oh, and even before that,
i've actually met up with my not-so-close-infact-not-even-close high school friend,
Lim Christopher,
and because of this whole Brisbane thingy,
we contacted each other and started talking.
So, it's not a HI-BYE friendship anymore,
we're actually friends then,
and my best-est friend now!
*Omg, sounds like a kiddo but who cares!*

" Little Xuan-Wey, you better agree with me if not i don't friend you! "


And then I came here to Brisbane, staying with the bunch of monkeys.
( Monkeys = Terence, FungKeng, Chris, John)

And through Chris, I got to know Siew Foong,
a very good cook,
but has been recently missing in action because he spends like almost his whole life in Uni studying.
Then Siew Foong told us his cousin was coming to stay with us too.
(Oh, if i didn't mention, my former house had 12 rooms, so you can imagine the amount of people in the house!)

So guess who his cousin was?
His cousin, Elaine, was one of my Unimates back in HELP.
(Known as the one who's always late)
And guess what?
She's just like her cousin who is a very very good cook,
and hee hee hee,
she's my housemate now! :)
She makes a very very very very good wife and mom, really. :)

And then i got to know Blacky Khor through Elaine,
Blacky Khor, someone you can NEVER get advice from,
because his advice will definitely lead you towards the wrong direction,
BUT, he knows me like i'm a worm in his tummy,
I have to admit.

Also met Gary, who is a very very very nice guy.
Too nice to be true.
*Thanks for the OrangeJuice!*

Through Elaine, i met other people like Phan, JayYi, Ron, WeiYin, WeiLik, Sam, AiYung,
and through them, i met many other people as well.

When i was sleeping back in Munro(my former house),
my phone started ringing, and i stared at it,
Grace was calling.
Who's Grace? Which Grace?
OH, Yam's EX, GRACE.

" Hello, wanna have lunch together to catch up some time later? "
" Okie docks! "

And i remember, that first time i met up with her, she brought me to SunnyBank,
and from then onwards, we started talking and such, and got closer,
and what now?
I got married to her, fml.

And then I went to my FIRST club on the 9th of May.
I forgot what made me go, who talked me into going,
but who cares right?
And started going clubbing since.
But, NO.
I've stopped clubbing for a while now.
I understand it now when they say, " Sometimes, you'll just have the mood to go, but sometimes, you just don't."
So yes, i have been a pretty good girl. :)

And then, there were Netball trainings and tourneys, in which i met these beautiful ladies. :)

And basketball, in which i met these handsome guys.
*Ahem* Only one handsome guy actually.

And how can i forget Andy my Daddy, Kiru, Suni, Brian and Tony?

And there's also Alvin, Darren, Randall, JunYi, Harold, Melanie, and all the futsal buddies.

I met almost half the world already since i'm here, and got close to a lot of them now,
and you tell me that 2009's gonna end and everyone's leaving already?

I'm upset.

But i've decided to stay here in Brisbane to continue my studies.
Masters maybe?
Because i love this place, i love the company, i love my life.

So to those leaving soon, you people SUCK!

Nah, joking.

" Love all of you! "


Saturday, September 26, 2009

What happened to Sabrina Chuan?

First, my blog is NOT dead okay.
I'm just too lazy to blog.
No, scratch that.
I'm too B-U-S-Y to blog.


But but, people are complaining, people whom i didn't even know read my blog.
So i think i better get back to work.


So, SabrinaChuan has bangs now.
Wtf right?
If i was back home, i wouldn't in a million years have the courage to try that shieat.
But, since i'm here in Aussieland, wouldn't mind trying.
Hee. But i got provoked into it actually.

" Sabrina, suk ar? "
" Err, no ark. "
" Don't lie ar, can see u confirm suk already. "

And so, Taaa-Daaahhh!
SabrinaChuan became the Standard 5 SabrinaChuan.
Said Marianne.


Don't understand?
Well, the last time i had bangs was when i was in Standard 5.
So my bestest friend ( MarianneChung) said i looked EXACTLY like how i used to look like when i was in Standard 5.
Minus the specs part.



And yes~!
That's her on the left, and err, yeah, that's me on the right.
I don't believe i'm actually putting this picture up for everyone to see, but heck-lah.
Heehee heehee!
My bestest friend is the most insulting friend i've ever had in my life.


How's the new haircut?